Kay Gebauer

Hello! My name is Lilly and Mead is something that has infused itself into my life.

It all started back in 2006 in the Okanagan with a giant case of cherries gifted to me in trade for baked goods. I had made cherry everything, cakes, pies, jams, jellies, pressed juice. And while accosting a friends freezer space for pies he mentioned he had taken wine making classes on how to become a vintner a few years back. Digging out the equipment and the textbooks he taught me the science behind brewing and i had made my very first batch of cherry mead.

Finding a wonderful group of friends in the SCA I was introduced to all things viking and medieval. Alcohol has played a significant part in history throughout the ages and information on old recipes and methods abound! I found my calling and this patient art became my prized hobby.

Not long after when visiting family in Alberta and bragging about my new found skills i was introduced to a family run farm down the road who were producing some of the most amazing honey I’ve ever tasted. We became fast friends and they are still my sole supplier of honey.

Year after year I’ve tried more flavors and experimented through brewing times, temperatures, methods and have my book of super secret ancient recipes that have been taught or passed down to me. I have enjoyed making and drinking mead so much i wanted to share it with more people.

I myself am a fan of sweeter desert wines, and a huge fan of fruits and spices. I’m always up for a challenge and trying something new!